What is Psoriasis?

An autoimmune disorder of the skin that results in hyper thickened, red and itchy skin along with inflammation.

What happens in Psoriasis?

  • Skin cell cycle turnover reduces from 28 days to 3-4 days.
  • Skin cells (Keratinocytes) multiply rapidly and results in scaly skin.
  • Immune system and genetics plays a major role in triggering Psoriasis.
  • Co-morbidities such as immune deficiency, poor regulation of body temperature, stress and anxiety may be developed.

Whom does it affect?

  • Psoriasis affects in all age groups.
  • It affects in all body parts, mostly in elbows, knees, scalp.
  • Based on the extent of Psoriatic lesion, it is termed as
  • mild (<3%)
  • moderate (3-10%)
  • severe (>10%)
1-3-2 Topical therapy

Augmentive therapy