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Dr. JRK's 777 Oil

For All types of Psoriasis

Dr.JRK’s 777 oil is a clinically proven medicine for psoriasis treatment that

  • Effectively removes psoriatic scales
  • Offers prolonged period of remission
  • Decreases inflammatory responses
  • All types of Psoriasis
Usage Instructions
  • Apply Dr. JRK's 777 oil all over the body in the morning
  • Take bath with Psorolin medicated bathing bar.

Each 5 ml contains extracts of 

  • Wrightia tinctoria : 50%
  • Oleum cocos nucifera : 50%

There are no known contra-indications.

Scientific Proof
  • CTRI registered Clinical trial with 42 psoriasis patients for 12 weeks showed improvement in PASI (Psoriasis Area Severity Index) score by 74.14% and PGA (Physician's Global assessment) score by 3.64.
  • Proven to be safe under OECD International guidelines for Toxicology.
  • This psoriasis oil has much lower acid value than any other oils in market which confirms its safety for long term use on psoriatic skin.
  • This psoriasis product is proven to be as effective as Calcipotriol with no side effects.

What is your question in mind?

An autoimmune disorder of the skin that results in hyper thickened, red and itchy skin along with inflammation. Immune system and genetics plays a major role in triggering Psoriasis.

  • Skin cell cycle turnover reduces from 28 days to 3-4 days.
  • Skin cells (Keratinocytes) multiply rapidly and results in scaly skin.
  • Apply Dr. JRK^s 777 oil all over the body in the morning
  • Take bath with Psorolin Derma Skincare Soap. (OR) As directed by the physician

Multiplication of skin cells is known to be higher during early morning hours. Dr. JRK’s 777 oil speeds up exfoliation of the dead skin cells.

It is proven to be safe and effective for long term use under OECD International guidelines for Toxicology with no drug interactions or contraindications.

DR.JRK’s 777 oil is different to Psorolin oil from composition to therapeutic efficacy. DR. JRK’s 777oil is a single herb formulation (Wrightia tinctoria) whereas Psorolin oil is composed of three herbs (Wrightia tinctoria, Indigofera tinctoria, Indigofera aspalathoides). Dr.JRK’s 777oil is best in decreasing inflammatory reactions and exfoliates dead skin scales whereas Psorolin oil works well during scaling conditions by inhibiting keratinocytes proliferation.

There are both in vitro and clinical studies done to prove the efficacy of DR.JRK’s 777 oil.

  • Decreases the aggressive multiplication of skin cells (Keratinocytes) in Psoriasis
  • Moisturizes the skin and reduces itching & redness
Proprietary Siddha Medicine
The information and details provided on this page is not intended to be an alternative for professional medical advice. Consulting a qualified medical practitioner for diagnosis and regular clinical follow up is recommended.

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