Our Research

Ongoing research activities

  • Drug development.
  • Identification of new target sites.
  • Drug delivery mechanisms.
  • Elucidation of the mechanism of action of our drugs.
  • Structure–activity relationship of our drugs.
  • New quality standards for global acceptance of our drugs.
  • Active content analysis for herbal ingredients.

Strengthening the research wing

  • Collaborative approach with external institutions of repute.
  • Focus on validation of research outcomes through clinical evaluations.
  • User / Practitioner clinical feedback processes (Questionnaire) to complete the loop.
  • Literary research to identify the hidden treasures of the ancient system of medicine.
  • Translation of research outcomes as publications.
  • Safety evaluations done as a routine for all the products.
  • Readiness for greater demands of the global regulatory environment.

Research Activities In Psoriasis & Its Treatment Approach

Study of the biochemical, immunological and cellular responses of psoriatic skin with reference to circadian rhythm.....

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Research Activities In Vitiligo & Its Treatment Approach

The dendritic phenomena of melanocytes, melanogenesis and its transfer to keratinocytes using co-culture of both melanocytes and keratinocytes.....

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