Dr. JRK's Yelathi Chooranam Tablet

Are you someone suffering from frequent acid gastric refluxes? Then here is the right solution for you. Dr. JRK’s Yelathi tablets which relieves abdominal discomforts caused after a happy meal and promotes gut health. Its tasty mouth-melting formula is so irresistible that you'll find yourself tempted to indulge in an extra serving.
Available as - 60 no's / 500 no's

Relieves abdominal discomfort due to fullness, bloating, distension and nausea
Gives rapid relief from acidity
Increases absorption of food
Promotes gut health


Each Tablets contains

  • Elam (Ela) - 64 parts
  • Chukku (Sunthi) - 32 parts
  • Koogaineeru (Tugaksiri) - 16 parts
  • Thaleesam (Thaleesam) - 8 parts
  • Sirunagapoo (NagaKesara) - 4 parts
  • Milaghu (Marica) - 2 parts
  • Elavangam (Lavanga) - 1 part
  • Sarkkarai (Sarkara ) - 127 parts


Adults: As directed by the physician (Or) 1-2 tablets 2 to 3 times a day.

Scientific Proof

Ref : Siddha vaithiya thiratu , 258 – 259 p

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