Our story

Dr. JRK’s Research and Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd

We are a research based organization committed to validate the science behind our products and have successfully entered our 30th year in business with growing strides.

As early as 1960’s

Our Managing Director and Padmashree awardee, Dr.J.R.Krishnamoorthy’s quest and passion took him to Kunrathur, Chennai – then a remote village in Chengalpattu District - Tamilnadu, where amidst his medical practice, he related the ancient Research literature references to a plant Wrightia tinctoria and the traditional use of the same to scalp and skin disorders.

Research driven

His intensive research onWrightia tinctoria(which lasted for a decade) in his clinic and medical practice resulted in the invention of the iconic formulation JRK's 777 oil for the management of Psoriasis.

Dr. JRK's 777 Oil

Dr.JRK’s first Research drug

JRK’s 777 oil is the first research drug born out of scientific evaluation and rigorous clinical trials in multiple health centers throughout the country for the treatment of Psoriasis.

7th world dermatologists congress

JRK's 777 oil got international recognition when it got accepted for presentation at 7th world dermatologists congress held in Singapore.

JRK’s Research and Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd

To reach out the benefits of JRK's 777 oil and other effective formulations for vitiligo, immune boosting, dry skin, etc. to patients, we began operations in the year 1992.

Our founder receiving Padmashree

In the year 2010, our MD received the Padmashree award for his path breaking formulation, JRK’s 777 oil.

Reaching out to Global Markets

Siddha system of medicine originated and was popular only in Tamil nadu.We are pioneer in reaching across India and many international markets with our highly effective and well researched drugs.