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Winter cold- keep it away
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Winter cold- keep it away

Winter is the time for more colds and flu as the causative microbes get to survive longer in cold, dry air. But a healthy lifestyle with a boosted immunity can really help you warding off the cold and flu this winter.

What Do We Do?
Clean hands mean less infection

Our forearm holds more bacteria and virus than the armpits. Therefore, regular hand washing is absolutely essential. But to keep away cold and flu-causing germs, scrubbing all the way up to your elbows could be even more effective.

Winter cold keep it away

Keep yourself warm- especially your feet

Cover your Nose

Drink hot, eat healthy

Ginger is Great

Take vitamins to fight respiratory infections

Say Hello to Yogurt

Change your tea to stay healthy
It is time for you to rely on green tea for its ingredient epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) that can damage influenza virus particles and stop them from entering your system!
Boost your immunity
It is advisable that you should take immune boosting tonic/ medicine to keep away the cold and flu this winter as the chance of infection increases significantly during the season.

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