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Protect yourself from Viral Diseases with these simple steps
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Protect yourself from Viral Diseases with these simple steps

Every year, the Monsoon season brings us much needed rain. But it also brings with it many unwanted diseases. This year Influenza and dengue have already started affecting people across the country.  However, if we follow some preventive measures, we can enjoy the rainy days without worrying about getting sick.

Protect yourself from Viral Diseases

Influenza virus infection is a common form of communicable disease in the monsoon season. Its general clinical features range from a mild cold to more serious form of respiratory illness. There are three distinct forms of Influenza - Influenza A is responsible for most serious and severe form in humans while influenza B and C cause milder form of illness.

Two known subtypes of Influenza A viruses are H1N1 commonly called Swine flu and H5N1 commonly called Bird flu.
Generally, Influenza spreads mainly through droplet method like coughs and sneezes. People get infected through touching of infected fluids.

Dengue is a mosquito borne disease caused by dengue virus which is usually self-limiting in most cases. However, in some people it can present life threatening complications such as haemorrhagic fever and Dengue shock syndrome. Dengue is not contagious and does not spread by physical contact. Dengue spreading mosquitoes grow only in clean water.

Protect yourself from Viral Diseases


In communicable viral infections, prevention yields better results when compared to treatment. So, we should be informed and follow certain preventive methods.

  • Maintain personal hygiene like frequent hand washing with soap/ disinfectant.
  • Maintain clean environment - cover water storing vessels and clear things like tyres, coconut shells to avoid water logging.
  • Keep away from mosquito bites by wearing full sleeve clothes.
  • Provide proper vaccination to kids
  • Improve immunity by taking fruits like Amla (Nellikkai) and herbs like Basil (Thulasi) and Pepper (Milaghu) daily.
  • Drink JRK’s NIKU (Nilavembu kudineer Churanam) as preventive care. Suggested dosage of 50ml per day for 14 days.

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