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Annual service awards
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Annual service awards


Celebrating Milestones 🎉
Cheers to another year of milestones at our annual service awards! 👏🎉 Celebrating our dedicated team members who've devoted 5, 10, 15, 25, 30 years to the growth and development of Dr.JRK's. 🧪🔬
A special shoutout to our Director , Mrs. Gayathri Rajagopal, for her sterling 25 years of service leading our amazing team. 💪👩‍💼🏆 Not just a brilliant head, but a heart that believes in the power of dedication and continues to inspire us each day!
Here's what our JRKians feel about their happy days at JRK
🌟 Mrs. Neelavathy: - " For 30 years, I've been the heartbeat of the Accounts Department—passionate and honest through every up and down. Proud to be part of the JRK family! 🙌"
🌈 Mr. Shankar: " Embracing 30 years at JRK, I gratefully accept this award. JRK played a pivotal role in shaping the best version of me. Cheers to decades of growth and achievements! 🚀"
🌱 Mr. Parthipan: " Celebrating 5 years with JRK, I reflect on it as the stepping stone that paved the way for my career. Grateful for the nurturing environment from the very beginning. 🌟"
💼 Mr. Suresh Kumar: From the Sales Admin Team, " JRK taught me to manage my work effectively and build a strong team shaping not just my skills but also my character. 💪"
🔬 *Dr. Abdul Abbas: " Immensely grateful to JRK for the support in bringing up innovative formulations and developing new products. A decade of breakthroughs and advancements! "
⏳ Mr. Suman: " A decade in the Logistics team and still counting. JRK taught me patience and compassion, translating into both personal well-being and professional growth." 🌱
🎢 Mrs. Rathi: In my decade-long rollercoaster at JRK, I've experienced a wealth of emotions and learning. JRK has been the catalyst for my growth, bringing out the best version of myself.

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