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We are a research based organization committed to validate the scie nce behind our products and have successfully entered our 30th year in business with growing strides.


2021Aruna V, Amruthavalli GV, Gayathri R

Cellular Level Catalysation of Glucose by Organ Level Cells as a Possible Therapeutic Scope for Diabetes Mellitus

International Journal of Science and Healthcare Research.

Vol.6; Issue: 1; ISSN: 2455-7587


2021Amruthavalli G.V., Gayathri R.

Inhibition of Germ Tube Formation in Mucor & Candida by JRK’s DCOD

RA Journal Of Applied Research

Volume: 07 Issue: 09; Page no.- 2492-2496


2021Aruna V*; Amruthavalli GV; Gayathri R

Amruthavalli GV*, Aruna V and Gayathri R Therapeutic Polymorphism’ of Anti-Diabetic Herbal Drug.)

EC Diabetes And Metabolic Research.

Page no-22-31


2021Aruna V.*, Amruthavalli G. V. and Gayathri R.

Why Poly Herbal Preparation Is More Advantageous Than Targeted Single Molecule Based Drug (s) For The Management Of Diabetes Mellitus

World Journal Of Pharmaceutical And Medical Research

Volume - 7 Issue - 1, Pages - 205-211


2021Amruthavalli G.V*, Aruna.V, Gayathri.R

Botanical warriors to combat pro-inflammation mediators – A way forward for Psoriasis management

International Invention of Scientific Journal.

Volume 05|Issue 09|eISSN: 2457-0958


2021Amruthavalli GV, Aruna V and Gayathri R

Designed foraging behavior of Lasioderma serricone and future dividend for procreation.

Journal of Entomology and Zoology Studies

Volume 9; Issue (1): Pages - 2112-2115


2021Amruthavalli G. V* and Aruna V., Gayathri R.

Elimination Of Gastric Irritation By Kabasura Kudineer

European Journal Of Pharmaceutical And Medical Research.

Volume - 8 Issue - 4, Pages -391-393


2021Amruthavalli G. V.*, Aruna V. and Gayathri R

Jrk’s Yelathi Choornam Tablet, Effective For Gastric Acid Neutralization And Increased Protein Absorption

World Journal Of Pharmaceutical And Medical Research

Volume 7 Issue (4), Pages - 80-83


2021Amruthavalli GV, Aruna V, Gayathri R

Harmonic And Non-competitive Total Dissolution Of Jrk’s Kabasura Kudineer And Associated Superior Therapeutic Value

World Journal Of Pharmaceutical And Medical Research.

Volume 7 Issue (11), Pages -161 – 164.


2021Amruthavalli G. V.* and Gayathri Rajagopal

Kabasura Kudineer In Tablet Dosage Form –a Perfect Fit For Convenience And Reducing Covid Pandemic.

World Journal Of Pharmaceutical And Medical Research

Volume 7 Issue (8), Pages - 217 -221


2021Amruthavalli G.V*; Aruna.V; Gayathri.R

The Possible Interaction of Mahanarayana Thaila with Inflammatory Mediators and Associated Blood Flow in Response to Photon Emission

Int. Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Medicine

Vol.6 Issue. 3,pg. 76-84