NIlavembu KUdineer ( NIKU ) Churanam Tablet

Dr.JRK’s Nilavembu kudineer choornam tablet – NIKU TABLETS

Bitter and better medicine in palatable form

Extracts of 9 herbs in concentrated form equivalent to 60ml of kudineer is encapsulated in the tablet. Recommended formulation by AYUSH to prevent COVID-19.

Advantages of NIKU TABLETS

  • More patient compliant and enhance the acceptability of Nilavembu kudineer even by children
  • Concentrated actives of all 9 herbs equivalent to the proportion are encapsulated into tablet
  • Accuracy of phyto-actives in every dosage
  • Reduces the labor in the preparation of kudineer making

n and support from viral fever  this instant formula offers you a convenient way to boost your well-being.


Supportive drug for viral fever and pain

Available as - 60 tablets

Effective for seasonal viral fever and associated pain
Aids in quick recovery from symptoms of viral fever, chikungunya and dengue.
Boosts immunity


Each 500 mg tablet contains equal parts of following herbs

  •  Andrographis paniculata : 1 part (11.1%)
  •  Vetiveria zizanioides : 1 part (11.1%)
  •  Plectranthus vettiveroides : 1 part (11.1%)
  •  Santalum album : 1 part (11.1%)
  •  Trichosanthes cucumerina : 1 part (11.1%)
  •  Cyperus rotundus : 1 part (11.1%)
  •  Zingiber officinale : 1 part (11.1%)
  •  Piper nigrum : 1 part (11.1%)
  •  Mollugo cerviana : 1 part (11.1%


One tablet twice a day after food.

Children 5- 12 years: Add 2.5gms (half a sachet) of powder in 60 ml of warm water and stir. Take twice a
day for a minimum of 5 days

(OR) As directed by the physician.

Scientific Proof

  •  HPTLC study proved that Dr. JRK’s Nilavembu Kudineer churanam (NIKU) is superior over marketed product.
  •  Dr. JRK’s NIKU contain all chemical constituents of 9 herbs in the finished product where as in market sample they are in less quantity or below detection level.

Frequently asked questions

What is Viral Fever?
  • Elevation of body temperature (fever) due to viral infection.
  • Encompasses a wide variety of viral infections, some with clear identification of signs and symptoms.
What are the common symptoms?
  • Elevation of body temperature (fever) due to viral infection.
  • Encompasses a wide variety of viral infections, some with clear identification of signs and symptoms.
What happens in Viral Fever?
  • Local infection may become systemic (enters bloodstream).
  • Fatigue, malaise and body and muscle aches lead to the onset of fever.
  • Duration of the fever may vary from days to several weeks.
What is the source of infection?

Source of infection - contaminated water or food, or by direct contact.

Whom does it affect?
  •  May affect any age group
  •  Requires only symptomatic treatment.
  •  Mostly self-limiting but some are highly contagious
What is special in Dr.JRK’s Nilavembu Kudineer?

Dr.JRK’s Nilavembu Kudineer is available in ready to drink instant form unlike other conventional Nilavembu Kudineer in the market. It can be prepared in just two minutes, no need to boil and filter.

Will the therapeutic benefits be same as conventional preparation?

Dr.JRK’s Nilavembu Kudineer has superior therapeutic benefits and backed up scientific studies to prove the efficacy of herbs used in the composition are conserved in each and every micro particle in the churanam.

Proprietary Siddha Medicine

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