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Do's and Don'ts During Dengue
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Do's and Don'ts During Dengue

Thunderous showers not only bring water to us but also cause diseases like Dengue. It is a mosquito borne disease caused by dengue virus. In some people, it can manifest as life threatening complications such as Dengue haemorrhagic fever and Dengue shock syndrome.

do's and don'ts during dengue

Prevention and prompt early diagnosis are the best way to conquer the disease as it has no specific treatment.

Dos and Don’ts to avoid dengue outbreak


  • Use mosquito repellent and keep windows and doors closed.
  • Dress in protective clothing during the day with long sleeved shirts, long pants, socks and shoes especially in dawn and dusk.
  • Clear standing water in flower pots, containers and tyres regularly. Clean drains thoroughly.
  • Drink enormous water or liquids and take complete bed rest.
  • Consult the doctor immediately on onset of fever.
    do's and don'ts during dengue


  • Don’t take self-medication.
  • Don’t delay to go to the hospitals if fever persists for more than two days.
  • Don’t ignore the symptoms like gum bleeding and purple rashes when you suffer from fever.

Awareness about the disease, removing stagnant water and keeping the surroundings clean reduces the dengue menace.

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