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JRK and science
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JRK and science

Taking the test of tradition–
How scientific evaluation helped
Dr. JRK’s Traditional medicines more acceptable

About Dr. JRK’s Research

Dr. JRK’s Research and Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd is a 26 year old GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and ISO certified company based out of Chennai, India engaged in research, development, manufacturing and marketing of unique well research herbal medicines and cosmetics formulations. Its products for the management of skin disorders like Psoriasis, Vitiligo etc are well renowned and marketed across India and many countries outside India.

ISO certified GMP company

Did not take the beaten path

When popular approach to promote traditional medicines has been one of taking refuge under the origins of the system of medicine being thousands of years ago, Dr. JRK’s Research and Pharmaceuticals set its vision to deviate from the beaten path in going through the test of reason and subjecting its formulations to some of the most modern analysis and evaluation.

The outcomes not only validated the hypothesis of the efficacy of traditional medicines but more importantly opened the doors for the products being accepted and actively considered by medical practitioners across systems of medicines and through them a wider section of patients for whom the benefits may never have reached.


Getting started with no precedence

Unlike large pharmaceutical companies of the modern systems of medicines that have access to large resources and a huge global market that is ready to absorb high product prices, the sheer lack of precedence and the availability of sufficient independent published academic and scientific studies of international standards has always been a shortcoming in traditional medicines.

So much has to start from the basics and much of it is voluntary as the regulatory requirements for decades never insisted on the same.

But at Dr JRK’s Research and Pharmaceuticals evaluation and test of reason started from its inception in the year 1992.

Every product from the company goes through a multifold test of reason

  1. Extensive literary and academic research
  2. Laboratory level to understand and establish mechanisms of action - Both in-vitro and needbased in-vivo – t the ingredient and finished formulations level
  3. Pre-clinical trials
  4. Clinical trials
  5. Post market feedback and trials
  6. Continuous evidence and deeper understanding and communication of the therapeutics
  7. Continuous process improvement without compromising on traditional values

    our employes

The studies above do not remain an in-house for its convenience exercise. Almost all of it have successfully cleared scrutiny by scientific journals for being worthy of publication. The company has to its credit over 78 research publications covering various study aspects outlined above.

So much that there are still work in progress scientific evaluations on formulations like Dr. JRK’s 777 oil that have been in the market for over 25 years.

The studies above do not remain an in-house for its convenience exercise. Almost All these and more has enabled a reach of our products to a wide spectrum of medical practitioners spanning specializations and geographies all of whom have supported and vouched the company’s products for its therapeutic efficacy and the test of reason and the test of tradition the company has voluntarily put itself into.

The studies above do not remain an in-house for its convenience exercise. Almost With the variety of studies, the company was able to clear the apprehensions of medical practitioners of all systems and speak to them in their own language of modern science.

For us at Dr. JRK’s the test of tradition has always been a journey of fulfilment that gives us greater confidence on the power, role and relevance of the traditional medicines in today’s world.

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