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Let the ‘specialist' ( Eve fresh pimple cure cream paste) and ‘professional’ ( Eve fresh cream) complete your treatment

Dual therapy with Eve fresh pimple cure cream paste and Eve fresh cream is amongst the most effective and total treatment of acne and pimples form eruptions

Acne, skin care

Get dual benefits of a specialist and a professional

Evefresh pimple cure cream paste is a ‘specialist’ wash off product. It effectively opens the pores of the skin, removes the desquamated cells, reduces the hyperthickened skin cells thereby making the skin soft and supple.

To retain the silky shine of the skin and keep it free from blemishes, oiliness and post pimple scars, use of Evefresh cream the ‘professional’ is recommended. It offers sun protection, the much needed moisturisation and microbial protection.

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