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Prevention of Fungal Infections in Skin
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Prevention of Fungal Infections in Skin

Fungus is an omnipresent microbe and is hard to avoid. It likes warmth and moist areas of skin. Folding areas and feet are the common target areas of fungus in human body. Fungal infection of skin is a superficial problem and not an internal organ problem.

A fungus sheds, tiny spores wait for a right moment to grow into new fungus.

The tendency for fungus to recur in many adults especially on toes and nails is a genetic condition. Their skin cannot recognize fungus as a foreign body. Instead of rejecting, the skin learns to live with fungus and no longer tries to get rid of it.

Ringworm, Athletes’ foot, Pityriasis and Candidiasis are some common skin fungal infections.

Anti-Fungal cream


Fungal infections can be prevented with a few simple steps:

  • Dry the skin well after bathing
  • Wash socks, clothes and bed spreads regularly to remove fungus
  • Avoid walking bare foot and wear slippers
  • Keep the feet clean, cool and dry
  • Wear shoes in correct fit and make sure it is breathable
  • Alternate shoes every two to three days to allow them to dry out
  • Wear loose-fitting clothes which are made of cotton
  • Don’t share towels, hair brushes or personal items as they could be carrying fungus
  • Diabetes patients should be very careful to maintain the blood glucose level under control because they are vulnerable to fungal infections
  • Use JRK’s Anti-Fungal cream twice a day morning and evening or use as recommended by Doctor.

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