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Safety Tips For Senile Skin/Aged Skin
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Safety Tips For Senile Skin/Aged Skin

Biological aging is a normal, natural and inevitable process. No one knows when old age begins and interesting point is that the biological age of the person is not identical with his chronological age.

Human ageing is the time- related deterioration of the physiological functions necessary for survival and fertility. These changes occur independently and are influenced by diet, environment and personal habits as well as genetic factors.

human ageing

Many disease processes are present in old age people. Here, we have mainly discussed about the skin problems like wrinkling, xerosis and pruritus.

Wrinkling of skin
This is the hallmark sign of aging and it happens due to the decreased elasticity and increased thinning of epidermis and dermis. Subcutaneous fat also reduced.

Wrinkling of skin

Xerosis (Dryness) of skin
Xerosis is the commonest skin problemin geriatric population. It is characterised by dryness, itching, cracked or fissured skin with scaling. Trans- epidermal water loss is the main reason for dryness of skin.

Pruritus (Itching of skin)
Senile pruritus (Itching) is the second most skin problem and it takes place either due to dermatological reasons or some other systemic reasons. However, pruritus can be psycogenic in origin.

Modulating the process of aging
The quest for remaining youthful and preventing ageing has led to many trials on modulating the process of ageing. Calorie restriction and Exercise are the only intervention to delay ageing and prolong the life span. But no conclusive evidence could be generated so far and underlying mechanism in humans is still unknown.

Siddha system and aging
Ancient medical system recommends many ways to prevent the disease and ageing.

Karpam and Yogam are the two important tools used by Siddha scholars to conquer the aging. Their ultimate goal is that body never gets greying, wrinkling and aging (Narai, ThiraiMoopariyanaludampinar).

Siddha system prescribes various oil preparations to manage the dryness of skin. Oil application nourishes the skin and also keeps the skin smooth and fresh.

Dryness and senile pruritus can be controlled by using Aruganthylam (Durvathithylum), Lippu oiland Arakkuthylum (Lakshadi oil). Selection of oils by doctors is advisable.

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